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Reiki is a Japanese word meaning Universal Life Energy – the energy that is all around us.
Reiki is very easily learnt, simple to use and beneficial to all. No special skills are required, it is natural, non-intrusive, and anyone can learn.
Reiki revitalises the emotions, mind, body, spirit and promotes general well-being. By channelling the energy into the body through touch it activates our natural healing abilities, which in turn increases our inner strength and growth. It is a powerful system of healing for restoring and naturally balancing energies within the individual.
At the level where Reiki functions anything can be changed.
Benefits of Reiki can be:
• Promotes a sense of relaxation which in turn can lighten stress and pain
• Self-help, bringing our health and well being under our control
• Helps increase confidence and self-esteem
• Aids with alleviation of physical, mental and emotional tiredness
• Acceleration of natural healing
• Assists in connecting with our inner self
For more information contact:
Leza McLean, Master Teacher
0161 678 7849
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